Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The return trip

Well, here's my final entry.  Yesterday I really didn't feel like making an extra post since the trip home was exhausting, but I'll get to that later.  Cambridge was cool, and while I was pretty much done sightseeing by the time Friday rolled around it was good to get out of the city.  Cambridge is built all along the river Cam, so we decided to get a tour guide to "punt" us up and down the river while he gave a little history on the city.  Saturday visited the British Museum before eating in Hyde park with some people.  Most of Saturday I spent relaxing, mainly since by then I was getting pretty broke and I was more than a little exhausted from a combination of the busy city and from running around everywhere.  That night though our entire group had dinner at a "medieval banquet" which was accompanied by entertainment and music from performers dressed in period costumes.

Sunday was pretty much dedicated to the return trip, which was not exactly a fun time.  As soon as we got to Heathrow airport we heard there was a volcano erupting in Iceland which was causing delays and cancellations. Not sure how bad it was when we flew out, but it did cause our pilot to make a huge detour going around it which made the flight go from about 6 hours long to about 8 and a half hours long.  When we landed in Chicago O'Hare, our plane to Dnever got delayed about 2 hours and because of poor weather conditions we were waiting on the tarmac for another hour.  In the end we wound up in Chadron at about 7 in the morning when we were expecting to be there around 2:30 or 3 AM.

Regardless of unfortunate flight  delays, the trip was a ton of fun and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it.  Thanks to my instructors, Dr. Nobiling and Dr. Wada for running the CSC side of the trip and keeping us relatively under control for two weeks!  I hope this blog was at least a little interesting to the rest of you who were following it for whatever reason, and for those I won't see in a while I hope you have a good summer!


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